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Some images of the laminate-card picture-disc included with each Pink laser Beam book.
Side A. Image by Jacopo Miliani Side B. Kinetic-sketch by Andy Simionato.
Made for the Sound-object Episode 26 by My Cat is an Alien to be listened to in parallel with the Compendium.

picture-disc SIDE BPicture-disc SIDE A

General images from the new Compendium N.6 Pink Laser Beam

Pink Laser Beam set Pink Laser Beam, cover tilted Pink Laser Beam, chapter by Damon Zucconi Pink Laser Beam, chapter by JODI Pink Laser Beam, chapter by Andy Simionato Pink Laser Beam, chapter by Harm Van Den Dorpel Pink Laser Beam, chapter by Laura Brothers Pink Laser Beam, chapter on plastic by Shane Hope

You may also download the most recent Press-Pack (in a ZIP archive)
We will update this archive with the latest images and info

Images will be added at this page as they become available. You may contact us for urgent/special requests...

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This is a magazine .com
Occasionally asked questions (or OAQ):
1. What is this?
This is a magazine about nothing.

2. Who makes it?
This is a magazine and This is not a magazine is made by
Donnachie, Simionato & Son (established 1989)
They work with many contributing artists from in and around the internet
to make each online episode and printed compendium.
There are no specific methods employed in determining collaborations, that they know of.

3. How can you afford to make it?
This is a magazine is always free to download or view online.
The complex economic models involved are too difficult to explain here.
However the printed editions are made possible by the wonderful printers Nava Milano

4. Who distributes it? How can I find it?
The book forms of the project are available from various gallery and museum bookstores,
or directly from the This is (not) a magazine website.

If you would like to know more, or receive review materials and images
from the archive of This is a magazine you are welcome to contact the publishers through our Info Desk

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