This is a Magazine presents a new publishing experiment in robo-typography and machinic-drawing called Livedraw. Livedraw is a networked, artist-machine collaborative publishing project, consisting of a custom-made drawing-robot capable of producing "live-drawn" works in natural-media on paper. Artists, designers and writers from the This is a magazine (about nothing) project are invited to contribute works to the project via a custom-coded application that captures their drawing-movements and automatically combines and transmits them to the drawing-robot which draws unique editions.

During our residency in the Edicola Radetzky art space Milan, Italy, we launched this new publishing experiment to the public.

A live feed of the machine at work can be viewed during This is a Magazine liveDraw events and installations.

liveDraw editions distribution: /

Artist submissions to liveDraw: Please send a request to log in to our custom web app with which you will be able to draw on your mobile device or computer (with your finger or stylus, in two colours). One of our drawing-machines will perform your drawing in natural media with the same gestures that you used to make it. Your Livedraw submissions will be securely recorded on our servers and may continue to be drawn by future machines, indefinitely. In this way, the act of drawing will have its own destiny, separate to its author. There is no limit to the number of drawings you may submit.

Print is Dead. Long live drawing.