Pink Laser Beam by This is a magazine
"Everything will be OK" Paper, Glue, Thread and DVD-ROM, Edition of 1414, 2006

Everything will be OK
Compendium N.4 of This is a magazine
Published in 2006 in Milan, Italy
ISSN 1721-4904
Hard-cover / 82 pages (folio-size)
DVD / plastic lucky-charm / cloth bookmark /
custom printed balloon / signed and numbered sugar-cube

This oversized folio-book was published in 2006, and is the Reader's companion to the online episodes 14 to 00:00:17. It includes a full-length PAL DVD containing time-based artworks and suchlike by over 50 artists working in and around the internet today. If you have a copy of this DVD please write to us for instructions to access a secret video.

Each book packaged in a custom boxed set or "Happy Kit" includes: PAL DVD / a custom printed pink balloon (although it does not include artist's breath) / a signed and numbered Artist's Remnant by Antonio Riello / a Lucky "devil's horns" charm in red plastic tied to the cloth bookmark. All in an edition of 1414 DVD/Book Happy Kits.

Featured Artists (Book and DVD):
100 leap / Alberto Valgimigli / Alexander Purdy / Andreas Angelidakis / Andy Simionato / Angelo Plessas / Animal Collective / Antanas Dombrovskij / Antonio Riello / Arunas Eimulis / Atsushi Hasegawa / Augustin Gimel / B. Russell & S. Gruffat / Clay Weiner / Dafne Boggeri / Damian O’Sullivan / Dyske Suematsu / George W. Bush / Inga Kaupelyle / Izumi Fujiwara / Jennifer Dalton / John Rogers / Jonas Lozuraitis / Karen ann Donnachie / Laure Prouvost / Luuk Bouwman & Gnac / Marc Kremers / Matt Hawkins / Miltos Manetas / MTAA / Nicola Pecoraro / Pamela Anderson / Paul Paper / Porous Walker / Radioganesh / Rafaël Rozendaal / Raffaele Marmo / Rev. Luke Murphy / Ries Straver / Rudolfas Levulis / Sebastian Irrgang / Sergei Sviatchenko / Sinistri (ex-Starfuckers) / Vanessa Louzon

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