Occasionally This is (not) a Magazine becomes a printed edition, called a Compendium.
Each Compendium uses a different title and takes a unique physical form, the latest of which is
Pink Laser Beam

Idea Books are the official distributors of all This is (not) a Magazine Compendia world-wide.

Note that these previous titles are sold out:
Love, the Universe and Everything
Chaos Happens
Everything will be OK inc. PAL DVD
Who I think I am
Pink Laser Beam

The Compendia are produced in limited editions and available both through this website
and selected galleries and bookstores. The following bookstores/galleries have supported and sold
This is a magazine Compendia and we are happy to recommend them:

Paris, France. Palais de Tokyo Bookstore
London, U.K. Magma Books
New York, U.S.A. Printed Matter
Berlin, Germany. Pro-qm Thematische Buchhandlung
Munich, Germany. Soda Books internationale magazine und bücher
Linz, Austria. Buchhandlung Heinrich Korb
Århus, Denmark. Ei'Kon Bookstore
Viborg, Denmark. Senko Studio
Hellerup, Denmark. Milk Contemporary
Madrid, Spain. Panta Rhei
Milan, Italy. Libreria Internazionale Ulrico Hoepli and 10 Corso Como and Careof / Fabbrica del Vapore
Bergamo, Italy. Coffee n television
Porto, Portugal. Matéria Prima
Singapore/ Hong Kong/ Malaysia/ Indonesia/ Thailand. Basheer Graphic Books
Taipei, Taiwan. Artland.
Tokyo (Shibuya-ku), Japan. Logos/Libro Co
Sydney, Australia. Published Art Books
Auckland, New Zealand & Melbourne, Australia. MagNation
Paddington, N.S.W. Australia. Ariel Booksellers
Melbourne, Australia. Metropolis Books
Brunswick, Vic Australia. Brunswick Bound
Chapel Hill, NC. U.S.A. Internationalist Books
California, U.S.A. Texfield Distribution and Bon & Ging
Texas, U.S.A. Domy Books
Luxembourg, Benelux. Fellner Art Books
Internet, Internet. Yoox.com

or see Idea Books for a more comprehensive list of bookstores.

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